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Matdan Jagrukta Karyakram

‘Matdata jagrukta Karyakram was a rally held in Bhiwandi to remind the society about their right to vote and the importance of voting.

Voting is a very fundamental right of every citizen and it plays a huge role in governance, governing body’s decisions , and affects our lives on a macro and micro level.

A ‘Matdaan Jagrukta Karyakram’ was successfully conducted by Swayam Siddhi College of Management and Research on 10th September 2019. The students and faculty actively participated in this campaign. They held a march between the college campus and Pipeline at Temghar. The rallyists shouted slogans like “Saare Kaam Chhod do Sabse Pehle Vote Do”, “Matdaan Mera Haq Hai . They also held banners bearing similar persuasive messages.

The objective of the ‘Matdaan Jagrukta’ Rally was to remind people of their right to vote and to emphasize the importance of voting in the democratic election process. . This rally not only motivated the aged citizens but even enthused the youth to engage in the election process. Interestingly, some of the students who joined the rally were the first time voters . Totally more than 50 students and 5 Faculties took part in the rally.

The ‘Matdaan Jagrukta Karyakram’ tried to inspire people to perform their duty by being responsible citizens . They were encouraged to vote to make a difference to their future

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