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  1. For Category Students SC/ ST/ NT/VJ/DT/SBC/SC/ST Fees is 0/-

  2. Course fee is fixed by the Shikshan Shulka Samiti of Govt. of Maharashtra every year. The tuition and development fee for the year (2021-2022) fixed by Shikshan Shulk Samiti and University Shares of fees, examination fees and other fees fixed by University of Mumbai.
    If the fee is revised by the Shikshan Shulk Samiti, Govt. of Maharashtra for the batch, the students will have to pay the difference in fees, within a month from the date of declaration of revised by the Shikshan Shulk Samiti.

  3. We do not take anything extra from students.

  4. We also help students for getting 100% bank loan from Financial Institutions like Central and Canara bank.

  5. Tuition Fees for Academic Year 2021-22 is Rs98655, and development fees is Rs11345. 

  6. Total Fees for Academic Year 2021-22 is Rs110000/-

  7. Fees for Academic Year 2022-2023 is under the4 review petion under Shikshan Shulk Samiti(FRA)

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