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Director's (Foreign Affairs) Message

Dear Friends,

                             I wish to thank you for showing interest in SSCMR, Mumbai. We have been providing quality education in Management for last 11 years and over 1000 students have been graduated from SSCMR since its inception in 2006. SSCMR, for its geographical location aim at the upliftment of urban and rural youth, driven by a relentless quest to excel.

                             We are preparing our students as tomorrow’s corporate leaders. The institute is all set to bring out the potential within each student for a better career prospects through guidance to enable them to meet challenges that will be found by them after leaving the college. During studies, Sinciere attempts are made to improve communication skills, critical thinking abilities, moral values and sense of responsibility. Endeavour are made to improve the creativity and problem solving ability so that they can contribute their mite to the society and country. Truly Employability of our students is our main goal and objective.

                             At SSCMR, students are expected to enrich their knowledge and have life turning experience which will enable them to reach newer heights in their professional life.We foster sharpening of skills and tapping the potentials to enhance the knowledge base for total personality improvement. Our Faculty not only keep them at par with the contemporary developments but also contribute to the expansion of the body of knowledge in their respective discipline. With very congenial and professional environment our faculty makes substantial contribution to the academia through quality teaching, publication, seminars, conferences besides preparing case studies for their discipline. Our Students are exposed to a brief but intensive ‘International Immersion Programme’ at an International location.

I also look after International Student exchange Program for global exposure. 

                             I wish All the Best to all the prospective Students.


Dr Shaikh Asgar Adalat
Director - Foreign Affairs
PGDM-HR MANAGEMENT, M.COM, M.phil, Ph.D (Commerce & Management)

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