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What are the Benefits of MBA MMS Degree

One should analyze the benefits of the Degree by analyzing the Outcomes after completing any post graduate degree.

Our Program is designed in such a way that the student will be well equipped to face the challenges within the corporate industry.

Programme & Course outcome for MMS (Master of Management Studies - MBA) are stated and displayed on  the college website as well as discussed with the students on the First day of Induction Programme &  Faculty share it with all the students through teaching Learning Plan (TLP) and also it is uploaded in LMS so that students can access it. 

1. LEADERSHIP: Nurture leadership skills, team-membership skills and mutual trust by
a) Experiential learning activities
b) Providing opportunities to organize and coordinate events and membership of various committees leading to individual growth

2. DECISION-MAKING: Demonstrate decision-making ability (Academics Includes Mock interviews )
a) By identifying criteria for assessing alternatives and evaluating results
b) Through case-based teaching pedagogy.

3. TECHNOLOGY: Inculcate culture of technology-usage by
a) Providing and partnering with various technology platforms
b) Adopting teaching pedagogy interfacing technology

4. SOCIAL-SENSITIVITY: Serve the needs of society
a) By providing value-based high-quality education to future managers
b) Creating social sensitivity among them

5. ANALYTICAL PROBLEM-SOLVING: Demonstrate ability to integrate business knowledge and
management techniques in creative problem-solving/analytical skills by
a) Applying data analysis tools/methods/practices
b) Solutions to business problems through real world case

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