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Learning Management System

SSCMR is proud to introduce a custom built Learning Management System - "ON CAMPUS" and "OFF CAMPUS" for students / Faculty and stakeholders to access industry relevant content to  contribute and enhance the learning experience.


SSCMR is one of the very few institutions to successfully implement Learning Management System for Knowledge Management, Exam Management and Content Delivery.



LMS gives access to features like outcome-based learning, reports and notifications,  content management, synchronous web-conferencing tools and automated administration to offer more effective learning environment.


SSCMR Students along with Learning Management System are provided with a e-portfolio system which features a web log, resume builder and social networking system, connecting users and creating online learner communities integrated well with an individual Unique email ID with POP / IMAP interface.


Students / Faculty of SSCMR can save their content / files in their allotted online virtual Box.

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