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Common Subject taught in MBA MMS Degree Course

Here, Letes Study about the common subjects which we learn while completing Degree from Swayam Siddhi College.

Project Management : This is a University Subject, Which is common to all students studying in program.
this subject is of prime importance. Academic and Industry experts are called by Swayam Siddhi College to teach students as this is a university subject.

Benefits of this Project Management Subject.
1. To learn concepts of network analysis and demand forecasting in projects
2. To apply tools of project management
3. To learn monitoring and control of projects, project closure 

Now, Students can select Specialization according to their interest.
There are many subject in Finance specializations, where college has the right to choose of the following subject led by University of Mumbai.

The basic subject every college selects is 
Commercial Banking 

  • This subjects helps to understand the concepts and fundamentals of Commercial Banking

  • Also it helps to understand the Structure and growth of banking and various services rendered through commercial banks.


International Marketing

  • This subject helps to develop an understanding of key issues in marketing across borders

  • Also To study the impact of various factors on a firm’s business model and entry modes in international markets



Strategic HRM

There are average of 20 students in our college who selects HR Human Resource as their specialization.
This subject helps to learn the basics of HR strategy formulation and implementation in domestic as well as international scenario, talent management and competency based HRM


As the name denotes, The subject itself talks about all the academics related to Operations inside any company.

The Subject name we teach is Operation Applications and Cases

We design our academics in such a way that it enables student to understand the complex processes and
operations of product & service industry
2 To apply various techniques, tools & practices in different situations to design & execute system in best manner
3 To develop a model as an extension from academic to practical complex real life situation.



The subject is Strategic ITM

the full name of the subject ITM is Information Technology for Management

This helps student to understand the strategic use of Information Technology for Competitive Advantage
2 To understand Emerging trends of information technology to devise organization /business strategy

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