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International Industrial Visit

SWAYAM SIDDHI COLLEGE OF MANAGEMENT AND RESEARCH had organized an industrial visit to Thailand for MMS SEM 3 students from the 15th to the 20th of January, 2023.  Rahul Shah is in charge of organizing the visit. The co-Ordinator’s for the industrial visit included Meetesh Chaudhari, Vilas Tayde, Sagar Bhanushali, and Director Anil Matkar. We began our journey from the college campus at 3 p.m. on our college bus. The journey included 70 students and four coordinators from the faculty. We arrive in India at 1 a.m. on January 21, 2023, after 6 days of fun and learning.

1. Gems Gallery Pattaya Pvt. Ltd. Gems Gallery has over two decades of experience with jewellery and gems. We draw on more than 4,000 years of human experience with precious stones. Gems were once the sole possession of the wealthy and powerful. Cleopatra of Egypt, Caesars of Rome, Monarchs of England, Emperors of China, and Kings of Thailand all sought out precious stones to reflect their prestige and position throughout history. Thailand's position as a major global gems and jewellery dealer, owing to exceptional raw materials and the skills of its craftsmen, led to the establishment of Gems Gallery, the world's largest jewellery and gems centre. We serve the needs of gem lovers worldwide by offering a large selection of goods at reasonable prices and providing excellent customer service. They also share their knowledge of precious stones via our high-tech Slide Multivision shows and Dark Ride presentation system, which are the first of their kind in Thailand. When we arrive at Gems gallery pattayapvt., they will be greeted with open arms. Following that, we will be seated in a toy train, and a simulation journey for the entire evolution will be shown to us while we remain seated in the toy train. This is a lot of fun because we get to see how a gem that we wear in rings or necklaces is extracted. Then we arrive at their workshop, where we see workers creating magnificent jewellery. After that, we enter their showroom, which is divided into two sections: Gems and Gold and Pearls. The gold jewellery is incredible; I've never seen anything like it anywhere else in the world. Be wary of being tempted to buy one for yourself or a loved one. After seeing the designs, they had, I wouldn't say the price is too high. The pearl jewellery is also fantastic and reasonably priced.

Many of our friends who expected to buy all of these in Bangkok when they visited the gems gallery there were disappointed because the designs in Pattaya are far more appealing and newer than the ones in Bangkok.

Following that, you will reach a rest area where you can get free drinks (soft)/coffee or mocktails of your choice.

2. TOYOTA FACTORY  "Mobility enabler to respond to people's happiness and social sustainability" is the new vision.

a) Provide mobility to meet the needs of customers and take the lead in electrified vehicles in Thailand.
b) Provide mobility solutions in collaboration with partners for a unified customer experience.
c) Accelerate carbon-neutral efforts throughout the product life cycle.
d) Conduct business in order to make people happy and to achieve long-term development goals.
e) Encourage employees to drive the organization and uphold ethical standards as good corporate citizens.

The manufacturing procedure

The Toyota Production System has long been recognized as a method of reducing waste and increasing efficiency. Its essence, however, is to make work easier and less burdensome for employees, with a focus on creating meaningful work. The concepts of Jidoka and Just-In-Time are central to TPS. We are able to produce our products efficiently and at the rate of customer demand by applying these concepts. It means that every vehicle meets our high-quality standards as well as the specific needs of our customers.

Toyota sold 516,086 vehicles in Thailand in 2012, a 78 percent increase over 2011. Sales fell 13.7 percent to 445,464 in 2013 and 26.6 percent to 327,027 in 2014. TMT reported 266,005 vehicle sales in 2015, an 18.7 percent decrease. The first five months of 2016 saw 87,715 vehicles sold, a 13.4 percent decrease from the same period in 2015.The company predicted that total 2016 sales would fall 9.8 percent from 2015 to 240,000 vehicles, marking the fourth consecutive year of declining sales. [2] Thailand registered 1,007,552 new vehicles in 2019, a 3.3 percent decrease from the previous year. Toyota increased its Thai market share to 33% in 2019, a 2.8 percent increase.


Bangkok School of Management (BSM), founded in 1998, is accredited with PREMIER status by ASIC(UK) and duly licensed by Thailand's Ministry of Education (Registration No.: KorRor 235/2554). BSM is also an Authorized Partner of CompTIA, the world's leading technology association, as well as a thought and action leader.

CONCLUSION We are grateful to all of our faculty members for organising such an informative event for us, which is critical for the development of our practical skills in management and operation. We learned about different types of gems, the manufacturing process, and had the opportunity to conduct research. We hope to have more opportunities in the future to have such informative and enjoyable experiences visiting various industries.

NATIONAL Industrial Visit 2022 to SIMLA -KULLU- MANALI- CHANDIGARH- 9 Days

Swayam Siddhi College of Management & Research every year organizes International  Industrial Visit but due to COVID RESTRICTIONS this year i.e. January 2022 students went to a domestic Industrial Visit to Chandigarh, Manali & Amritsar.

Visits cannot be planned overnight, wheel starts rolling months ago and the college has planned and executed a wonderful Visit for Students. It had been an extremely good exposure for all the students to experience the culture of different state, able to understand how MNC’s work at large scale, what are different types of work carried out in different department and last but not the least students learned to get adapted into a crowd and team up immediately as per the need and requirement by proper utilization of time.

Industrial Visit 2022 to MINDA INDUSTRIES

On 16th April, 2022, 50 students of First Year Master of Management Studies
along with 1 faculty member of Swayam Siddhi College of Management and Research visited Ahuja Industries Ltd. and Minda Corporation Ltd.. We left our college at 8:45 am. We travelled in a comfortable bus with students. First, we headed to Ahuja Industries Ltd. We were welcomed with a presentation followed by site visit where we were given details about how each process works. It was very informative session. Then we headed towards Minda Corporation Ltd. They showed us the entire processes and explained us how it works.

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