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Guest Lecture on Importance of MMS Education & Roadmap for Campus to Corporate sector

A guest lecture on “ Importance of MMS and Road Map for Campus to Corporate” was arranged on 10th September 2022.The Guest Speaker for the Session was Dr. S. D. Jitendra, Founder & CEO of GDS International & GMC - A Strategic Management Consulting. Associate Director ( Africa & Asia) HR/Operation/Legal/IPR, Johannesburg South Africa.

He is also a Professional Management Consultant in Thane.

This session was organized with the following objective:

1. To make the students understand the importance of MMS in their life.

2. To let them know the step by step process or roadmap from campus to corporate.

3. He made them aware about how to make a powerful presentation.

4. To make them understand the consistency to be preserved to make the progress and achieve success in life.

This session was attended by Total 20 students.

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