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Guest lecture on “Merger and Acquisition” held on 05th January 2023

Guest lecture on “Mergers and Acquisitions” held on 05th January 2023

An interactive Guest Session was organized by SSCMR on 5th January 2023. Resource person for the event was Mr. Omkar Khandekar, Senior Associate – PWC (Price Water Coopers , New York USA

The main objective of the program was

1. To make students understand the concept of Merger and Acquisition with example.

2. To explain the process to be followed under Merger and Acquisition

3. Terms and Condition to be kept in mind.

All the concepts of Mergers and Acquisitions were covered and different examples were given for better understanding of the topic to the students . Also step by step process was explained and different difficulties faced during documentation were explained in detail.

Various terms and condition required to understand the process was also covered. Students came up with many questions and doubts , which were answered by giving suitable example.

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