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Classroom to Corporate” held on 06th May 2023

Student developement program was organized by SSCMR on 6th May 2023. Resource person for the event was Mr. Pradeep Choudhary (Professional Trainer and Consultant of Mutual Fund and Stock Market)

The main objective of the program was

1.    To make the students familiar with principles of being successful

2.    To explain the need of a guide, mentor and motivator

3.    To discuss the behavior to be followed to achieve success.

Mr. Choudhary intially made the students understand the difference in environemnt of classroom and corporate. Many points were covered to explain the principles of being successful.

He gave different example of guide, mentor and motivator and how it helps the individual to achieve success in life. He mentored many successful businessman.

Positive behavior was discussed and was asked students to follow it and bring necessary changes in them.

Proper answer with justification was given by the guest speaker for the question asked by students.

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