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Webinar on Nutrition & its Importance

SSCMR had organised a webinar on “Importnace of Nutrituon on Personality Development” on 30th September,2021.

The Session was Conducted by the Guest Speaker Mrs Sangeeta Patki, Clinical Dietian, Properietor of Revival Health, Nasik , Maharashtra.

In this session Mrs Sangeeta Patki exlapined various aspects relates to Nutrition such as Role of Good Nutrition, How Much Protien, Fats, Carbohydrate is required to be consumed in a day, What are the sources of Protiens, Fats & Carbs,etc and also explained how good health is important for good personality. The session was attended by 65 Students and Faculty members.

The session was ended by Sweet marathi Poem by Mrs Sangeeta Patki…….

खूप शिकावे तुम्ही आधी,नापास होऊ नका कधी. व्यायाम सुद्धा करा जरा बहू स्पृरतील भरा  भरा , धीट पणाने ने चला कदम, निढळीं  छाती पोट  नरम . व्यसने हटवा , शील हि बनवा शरीर हो बेफाम. अरे तुम्ही सांगारे तरुणांना........ शरीर हो बेफाम. अरे तुम्ही सांगारे तरुणांना....... ,”

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