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Training & Development Program – May 4th to May 17th,2021

An 8 Day comprehensive Program on Training and Development was conducted by the SSCMR Faculty Team on a range of topics from “Values and Principles” to “Conflict Resolution” and from “Managing Time and Stress” to “Strengthening Inter-Personal Relationships” from May 4th to May 17th in the Virtual Mode. This Training Module was conceptualized and created by Dr. Arloph Johnvieira, Hon’bleDirector, SSCMR.

The Objective of this Programme was to help enable the Student Fraternity Harness Conceptual and practical training insights on the evolving Best Concepts in Training and Development Domain.

Following is the Snapshot of Training Program Schedule:

Day 1: Leadership and Role Models (Tues, 4thMay)              by Prof. Dharmaraja Ganeshan

Day 2 : Motivation and Happiness (Wed, 5thMay)       by Prof. Dharmaraja Ganeshan

Day 3:Tips to Crack Selection Process (Thu,6thMay) by Prof. Prasenjit Yesambare

Day 4:Role in Society & Environment Concerns (Fri, 7th May)          by Prof. Jessica Khandare

Day 5:Improving Effectiveness thru’ MS Office (Mon, 10th May)    by Prof. Sanju Gupta  

Day 6:Values & Principles for Self Branding (Tue, 11th May)      by Dr. Arloph Johnvieira

Day 7:Managing your Time and Stress (Wed, 12th May)    by Prof. Prasenjit Yesambare

Day 8:Conflict Resolution & Attitudes  (Thu, 13th May)     by Prof. Dharmaraja G

Day 9:Strengthening Interpersonal Relationship   (Sat, 15thMay) by Prof. Prasenjit Yesambare

Day 10: Basics of Excel and Power Point  (Tues, 17th May)           by Prof. Sanju Gupta

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