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Cultural Events

SSCMR had organised a Cultural Events 2021-22 on 27th & 28th Dec.,2021. Various Cultural Events like Black Day/ Denim Day 27th Dec., 2021, Monday, Traditional Day 28th Dec., 2021, Tuesday was celebrated.

They  celebrated Traditional Day to promote “Unity in diversity “which is based on the concept where the individual or social differences in physical attributes, skin colour, castes, creed, cultural and religious practices, etc. are not looked upon as a conflict. Rather, these differences are looked upon as varieties that enrich the society and the nation as a whole.

Traditional Day was held on the 28th of December 2021 at the college.

 It was an eventful day. It was observed as a celebration of India’s diverse culture. It’s a day designated for people to come in traditional attire from their home state, or specific culture of their choice.

In all, it was a great success and it definitely strengthened the bonds among the students and created respect for ethnic and racial diversity in India.

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