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The FDP for Teaching Faculty was conducted on Friday the 12thFebruary 2021.It was conducted by Prof. Dharmaraja Ganeshan with Prof. Jessica Khandare as a Co-Faculty.

The program resumed with words of wisdom from our Director, Dr. Arloph John Vieira, with Prof Dharmaraja G elaborating the content of the program which he did facilitate using the experiential model of learning with activities, games, and video clips. The Faculty was facilitated using innovative methods of learning and a change from traditional to an experiential form of learning.

Prof Dharmaraja emphasized the relevance of a positive attitude for Faculty which would bring about immense transformation and would make the students more focused. He facilitated the Faculty in bringing a shift in mindset by involving the power of humor in teaching with clips and activities which brought out the learning tools or key objectives of the program.

Professional etiquette tips were also elaborated on using the adult learning methods. Prof Dharmaraja also emphasized the art of managing a student’s query, concern, or argument with the power of emotional intelligence.

The Mentorship session wasconducted by our Director Prof Dr Arloph John Vieira highlighting the need of mentoring students in today’s times along with the Do’s and Don’ts of mentoring. He also highlighted the need for record-keeping including the frequency of meeting up with the mentees for effective mentoring.

The Programme was attended by Prof Prasenjit Yesambare, Prof Suhas Jategaonkar, Prof Ujwal Dhokania, Prof Sanju Gupta, Prof Sharique Momin, Prof Rahul Shah, Prof Uzma Momin, Prof Smita Dubey, Prof Tejal Mahajan, and Prof Aimen Peerzade.

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