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“Rhunanubandh”– Alumni Cell Meet

First Official Meet of Alumni Cell was held on 31st July, 2021 to discuss on Rhunanubandh Alumni Association Registration Process which was attended by Director Dr. Arloph Johnvieira, Prof Suhas Jategaonkar, Prof CA Ujwal Dhokania & Alumni Committee members.

It was unanimously decided to start the registration process and planning was made for program to be conducted under the Alumni Association for the benefit of SSCMR Students

Following will be the Chair holders of “Rhunanubandh” Alumni Association:

1.      Mr. Dhammapal Thorat- President

2.      Mrs. Bhagyalaxmi Bhandari – Vice President

3.      Mr. Mayur More – Secretary

4.      Miss. Dhanya Mohandas Panicker- Jt. Secretary

5.      Mr. Milankumar Jain – Treasurer

6.      Mr. Navneet Tiwari- Member

7.      Ms. Triveni Sriram Siddhiram – Member

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