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“My Inspiration, My Destination” Competition – March 19,2021:

The above program was organized for MMS 1 students of the 2020-22 batch.

The students both regular and working were divided into groups of 5 and were asked to select a Group Leader who in turn would reach out to Prof. Dharmaraja G who would allot them a respective Personality on whom the students were instructed to garner information and then prepare a PowerPoint presentation related to the Personality on how they were inspired by the Personality who would in some way enable them to take them to their destination.

The Programme resumed at 9.30 am with Prof Dharmaraja addressing the students followed by a motivational talk by Dr. Arloph John Vierra, Director, and then Prof Dharmaraja Ganeshan introduced the panel of judges which included Prof SuhasJategaonkar and Prof Prasenjit Yesambare.

The selection of the order of group to speak was decided by lucky lots. Groups in turn shared their insights about the Personality allotted to them using the ppt made by them. Personalities from Rakesh JhunJhunwala, Ratan Tata, Sudha Murthy, Azim Premji, Subhash Chandra, Dharampal Gulati, and many others were allotted. After the presentation introspective questions were put to each group either by Prof Suhas Jategaonkar, Prof Prasenjit, or Prof. Dharmaraja Ganeshan.

The Contest saw a thumping response from a whopping 105 students divided into groups of 27 with a demonstration of commendable effort by every Student Participant; thereby, making this program not only inspirational but also a successful one. Each of the participant Winnerwas presented with a medal and certificate of participation.

The judges unanimously declared the top 3 groups as Winners of the Rolling trophy:

1st Prize Winner: Vicky Rajput, Shwetali Rathod, Anjali R. Singh, Dattu Rathod.

2nd Prize Winner: Suraj Kumhar, Anmol Mishra, Anjali S. Singh, Rafid Kungle.

3rd Prize Winner: Gauri Patil, Gautami Patil, Krutik Patil.

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