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The staff meeting was held on TUESDAY 10/04/2021, at 2:00 pm in online to discuss different points associated for the upliftment of the students and college.


  1. To Read the Minutes of Previous Faculty Meeting held on 03/04/2021.

  2. To review the update of preparedness of   National Conference to be held on 17th and 18th April 2021.( Team-Leader: Prof.Ujjwal.D)

  3. To review the update on Alumni Cell formation on 17th April in an ONLINE mode. (Team-Leader: Prof.Suhas.J)

  4. To review the HR Summit preparedness ( date-recheduled from 8th may to 10th July ) and any pending decisions if any including digital Flyer (Team-Leader: Prof.Sharique)

  5. To review  exam (online exam)  and Re exam marks scheduled for Sunday 11th April  (Team-Leader: Prof. Sanju.G)

  6. To review the work on Newsletter and journal including Digital pages of both  .(Team Leader-Prof Prasenjit)

  7. To review the Training program for our Sem 1 students. Planned for June   (Team-Leader: Prof. Dharmaraja)

  8. To review  Fitness / talent contest for semester 1 students planned for 26th April including the Digital Flyer  (Team Leader: Prof Prasenjit)

  9. To review the reports , messages and updates for  website  (Faculty to review website and suggest improvement to Mr Sagar)

  10. To review updates on scheduled after National Conference  (Prof: Jessica.K)

  11. To review the  Placement Status  report of remaining  TO BE PLACED students

  12. Any other important matter raised by faculty




1)Dr. Arloph John Vieira  (DIRECTOR)

2) Dr.G.S Shikhare    ( PRINCIPAL)

3)Prof. Ujwal Dhokania                                                                                            4)Prof. Suhas Jategaonkar

5)Prof. Jessica .K

6) Prof. Prasenjit Yesambare

7) Prof. Dharmaraja .G

8) Prof. Rahul Shah

9)   Prof. Sanju Gupta

10)Prof Sharique Momin

11)Librarian Mr. Milind Khadse








  1. Prof   . Vilas.T

  2. Prof.  Sagar. B






The following points were discussed and plan of action was proposed:












National conference

( 17TH APRIL 2021 and 18th APRIL ,2021)

  • Duty chart to be circulated


  • Mock drill  with respect to the duty assigned to every staff  be taken place on 13th  april,2021 and 16th April ,2021


  • Time:10.30 to 12.00

  • Prof. UJJWAL.D




Alumni cell on 17th April 2021


  •  Program to be conducted on 17th April after national conference from 3.30 to 5.00 p.m

  •  Program schedule prepared

  • Invitation card send on whatsapp

  • 65 students responded

  • It was suggested to invite semester IV STUDENTS also in alumni program

  • Prof. Suhas . J







( Inauguration of handbook )

  • Handbook rough draft is prepared


  • Handbook  inauguration  date tentative date on 26th April 2021

  • Prof. Jessica .K




H.R summit on  8TH  MAY 2021


  • Students photos to be printed on the flyer  

  • With the view to the COVID 19 situation. Rita mam suggested to postpone the summit till July.

  • Program to be scheduled in  offline mode only

  • Prof .Sharique Momin


Library issues


  • To provide a backup in absence of the Head when Librarian is on leave or outdoor duty.

(Matter pending for nearly a month )

  • Delnet subscription approval received from mgt but cheque payment is pending  .

  • Natural digital library to conduct open house (online ) for MMS1 AND MMS4

  • Approval for Renewal of journals is  pending

Mr.Milind Khadse ( absent )


News-letter( first issue in June ‘s first week)


  • Draft presented online. Changes were suggested by  Director sir .

  • Prof.  Prasenjit .Y



 Midterm exam dates for semester 1 and semester IV schedule on same dates


  • Re-exam was conducted for  Semester IV STUDETNS on 11th April

  • Report to be submitted on the MMS1 students who did not appear for Mid term exams


  • Prof. Sanju. G.

15 th april 2021 submission of report



Project allocation

  • Project to be submitted by 15th April,2021

  • Send it in soft copy format.

  • Viva date to be between 26th to 1st may

  • All faculty

  • Viva Schedule –by Prof Ujwal


Research paper

Submission by faculty

  • Research papers to be published in UGC approved journals as well as if possible to launch our own SSCMR journal .Journal to be released on National conference day.

  • Each faculty to submit one research paper before the conference b 15th April


  • Prof. Ujjwal

  • Research paper submission for everyone by 15th April, 2021.

  • Research paper submission by each faculty by 15th April, 2021.

  • Launch of our own SSMR Research journal by 17th April 2021



Fitness and talent contest

  • Tentative date on Monday 26th April 2021

  • Time 12.00 to 1.30

  •  Pre- recorded Video to be send

  • Flyer presented online

  • Changes were suggested by DIRECTOR sir

  • Prof. Prasenji



 New training program for MMS-1

Students centric activities

  • Soft skills program to be sheduled in June

  • Prof. Dharmaraja gave  the outline of the program of being a 5 day program, 2 hrs per day , 1 hr per topic thus 10 topics will be completed in 5 days

  • Prof. Dharmaraja.







  • Meeting to be organized every Monday or Thursday faculty review online (GOOGLE MEET) at 5.00 p.m discuss about the website and to have brainstorming sessions on improving it

  • All faculty


Mentor and mentee

  • Submission of forms  and report

  • Revised date  15th April 2021

  • All faculty



  •  Prof. Dharmaraja sir to send the list of H.R  working students by 13th April,2021

  • Grooming session for I.T and Operation students on FAQ  ON 16TH APRIL 2021.

  • Calling back the old companies which had given positive respond

  • Prof. Suhas .J


Meeting was adjourned at 03.30 pm by Director Dr. Arloph John Vieira.

Minutes Submitted By: Prof. Jessica .K

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